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Never Feel Pain, Maybe You Have CIPA

Do not feel pain when injured, scalded, pinched, or cut by sharp objects? Eits, don't be proud yet! Don't tell me, you suffer from congenital insensitivity to pain with anhidrosis or CIPA. CIPA is a rare birth defect. This condition occurs when a person is unable to feel heat or cold, does not sweat (anhidrosis), and does not feel pain when injured, bumped, or injured. This Causes CIPA Normally, when the body is injured, the ends of nerve cells will send messages to the brain in the form of pain or pain. Furthermore, the brain will give commands to these body parts to stay away from the cause of the injury and make movements to protect themselves or reduce pain. For example, when your hand is exposed to a hot object, the ends of nerve cells in the skin of the hand will send messages to the brain in the form of pain. After that, the brain will respond reflexively to pull the hand away from the object. Well, in people who experience CIPA, there is a mutation in the NTRK1
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Living an Unhealthy Lifestyle when Pregnant, Be Careful of the Impact, You know

Like to eat carelessly, often stay up late, and still like smoking or consuming alcoholic beverages during pregnancy? Be careful, you know! Unhealthy lifestyle like this can bring adverse effects on the health of pregnant women and the fetus. Unwittingly, unhealthy lifestyles that are usually lived before pregnancy are sometimes still done while pregnant. In fact, during the 9 months of pregnancy, pregnant women need to live a healthy lifestyle so that the fetus in pregnant women is also healthy. Risks that can arise if you live an unhealthy lifestyle during pregnancy are the emergence of health problems that can interfere with growth and health of the fetus, including obesity, hypertension, and diabetes. The Impacts that Lurk Mother and Fetus in the Womb These problems are some of the problems that can occur if a pregnant woman continues to lead an unhealthy lifestyle during pregnancy: 1. Lack of nutrition The habit that often carries into pregnancy is eating fast food. Did yo

Various Reasons Babies Need to be Cared for in the NICU Room

NICU room or neonatal intensive care unit is an intensive care room in the hospital that is provided specifically for newborns who experience health problems. Generally babies are put into the NICU room in the first 24 hours after birth. The length of stay in the NICU room varies depending on the condition of each baby. The more serious the health problem is experienced, the longer he will be in the NICU room. There are many reasons why babies need to be cared for in the NICU room, but basically aims to get your child under intensive supervision and care. Reasons Why Babies Must Enter the NICU Room After birth, babies can no longer only depend on the mother as when she was in the womb. Babies must quickly adapt to the environment and begin to use organs in their bodies independently. Unfortunately, not all babies can adapt quickly and be born in a healthy condition, so they need medical help. Here are some reasons why newborns must enter the NICU room, including: The baby is bo